Live extraordinary experiences in the wild nature of Tzoumerka.

Birdwatching, 4x4 safari, walking around in nature

The Tzoumerka mountains make up an important destination for those who love nature and offer noy only unique 4x4 routes but also unique touring.

Rafting, canoe-kayak, canyoning

Enjoy the crystal-clear rivers of Tzoumerka. Travel through Arachthos in the most beautiful route in Greece, all year long. You can also choose a harder route.

Trekking, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking

Trails of unique beauty, through forests, rivers, canyons and mountain peaks. You can choose through the numerous trails, depending on the what you want to see, the level of difficulty and the time available.

Experience nature


Every piece of land in Tzoumerka offers rare moments of mental welfare and emotional uplifting…


Surrounded by spruce, cedar, rivers, arched bridges and springs the visitor has a multitude of choices for hiking.


When there’s not enough time, the dilemma to face is “which mountain peak should I conquer first?”. The imposing Stroggoula, Kakarditsa, Peristeri…

Mountain Biking

If you enjoy mountain biking, choose between short or long routes with different difficulty levels.


The Tzoumerka mountains make up an important destination for the lovers of nature and birds.

Organised Activities

Many well-established companies of organized activities are active in the area, securing an easy and safe access to mountainous sports, whether they are for the whole family or something more extreme.


For the lovers of water, in cooperation with qualified associates our hotel organizes rafting in Arachthos and Kalarritikos.

Rafting Arachthos


For the daring and the adventurous lovers of extreme sports, the “Gate of Heaven” is the most impressive canyon in Greece.

Rock Climbing

The area offers rock-climbing, winter ice-climbing, and climbing infastructures on a special wall.

4x4 Safari

If you would like to live the adventure in a fascinating 4×4 jeep safari, then choose one of the various routes in Tzoumerka.


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