Mountainous heaven-on-earth

Untouched Nature
Untamed Mountains

With "Anavasi" as their starting point, located in the heart of Tzoumerka, visitors can admire the wilderness and gaze, wander about and live indescribable experiences

Stone Bridges, Traditional Villages, Monasteries and Museums

Famous bridges, traditional villages, unique monasteries, watermills, museums. Enchant yourselves with what you see and experience the past.

Excursions and Activities

Romantic walks, hiking to the tallest waterfalls of Greece, mountaineering, rock-climbing, bird watching, mountain-biking, rafting in both easy and hard routes, canoe-kayak, canyoning, 4x4 safari.

Wonder in Unique Landscapes

Sightseeing & Monuments

Wondering in unique sceneries in Greece…

Syrrako & Kalarrytes

These traditional settlements, build with stone and wood and featuring vast historic and cultural value, are located a few minutes away from our hotel.

Kipina Monastery

The most impressive monastery of Epirus was built in 1212 on steep rock.


Pramanta is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of the Stroggoula peak. The head village of Tzoumerka has rich history and many choices to taste the traditional recipes with local ingredients and the culture of the place.

The Workshop of Giorgos Polyzos

The sculptor G. Polyzos has studied and built 17 ancient Greek musical instruments and Greek jewelry. His workshop is open to visitors and is just 200m. down the road from the hotel.

Museum of Modern Art

The museum of Theodoros Papagiannis is a unique museum of scultures in the area, where the factors that determined the history of Epirus are depicted.

Natural Monuments

A mosaic of landscapes with mountain ranges, forests, rivers, waterfalls, canyons, lakes… In Tzoumerka, you will discover how much can exist in such a small area.

Twin Waterfalls

The two impressive waterfalls, which are about 100m. tall, are on the west side of Tzoumerka in the beautiful village of Katarraktis which is located 20′ from our hotel.

Stroggoula Peak

The ornament of Tzoumerka, Stroggoula is is a favourite amongst climbers. With “Anavasi” as your starting point, in 3.5 hours you can be at the top.

Anemotrypa Cave

The uniqueness of the cave is due to the river crossing in all of its length. It is considered the most ivory cave in Greece and in the 250m. route are formed three lakes in the colors of grey, pink and white. It is located 4km. away from our hotel.