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The Tzoumerka mountains make up a very important destination for nature and bird enthusiasts. The combination of high peaks and green hills full of spruce, hides a large amount of birds. Inside the fir forest, the visitor can look for special species like the black woodpecker, the white-backed woodpecker, the European crested tit, but also more common ones like the hawfinch, the European robin or finches. On the tall naked peaks and alpine fields, the visitor can admire species rare to watch like the golden eagle, which is the kind of the mountains, the griffon vulture, the egyptian vulture, the short-toed snake eagle, the alpine chough, the common rock thrush, the rock partridge and whoever can reach the altitude of 2000 m. can easily see the horned lark and the alpine accentor.

Anyone who is interested in knowing about the bird universe in Tzoumerka and bird-watching, a specialised tou guide with knowledge and experience can tour you and reveal all the rare and remarkable species of the area.

Tour 1: Tzoumerka “Bird Safari” on four wheels
The ideal route for everyone, who wants to observe the majority bird species of Tzoumerka
mountain range. During our tour we are going to visit the most distinctive and impressive
habitats of the area in order to spot the target bird species. Our tour starts from the village
of Tsopela, first stop the oak forest near Xristoi in order to spot woodland species like the
Middle spotted woodpecker, the European nuthatch, the Blue tit. Going on our tour and as
we approach the village of Matsouki, the deciduous forest is replaced by the dense forest of
firs, the perfect habitat for the Black woodpecker or the White-backed woodpecker.
Gradually, as we are going on higher altitude, it is time to admire the breathtaking alpine
habitat of Tzoumerka, dominant along our tour to the village of Kalarrites. The alpine
meadows and the high peaks are the ideal habitats of the Golden eagle, the Short-toed
eagle, the Griffon vulture, the Lesser kestrel, the Horned lark, the Rufous-tailed rock thrush.
Leaving back the village of Kalarrites, we are returning through the rocky area of the
monastery of Kipina, hoping to spot the challenging-to-observe Wallcreeper. The duration of
the tour is about 7 hours.

Price per person: 90€*
– For groups with more than 3 participants the price is at 70€/person*
Maximum number of participants: 8
(*including taxes )

Tour 2: From ‘’Ligkorema’’ to ‘’Gerakovouni’’
Everyone who wants to combine birdwatching and trekking, has to try this tour. We start
from ‘’Ligkorema’’ and our goal is to observe the alpine bird species of Tzoumerka. Some of
the most impressive birds that we are going to observe are the Rufous-tailed rock thrush,
the Rock bunting, the Wheatear, the Tawny pipit. Also, this area is the main habitat for many
raptors like the Golden eagle, the Short-toed eagle, the Peregrine falcon, the Buzzard. Our
destination is the altitude of 2000 metres in ‘’Gerakovouni’’, in order to spot species of the
high mountains, like the Horned lark, the Alpine accentor and the White-winged snowfinch.
The total duration of the tour is 5 hours and all you need is to be ready for trekking.

Price per person: 70€*
– For groups with more than 3 participants the price is at 60€/person*
Maximum number of participants: 8
(*including taxes )