oreivasia agglika


Conquer the peaks of Tzoumerka

Stroggoula peak

An amazing trail with beautiful view once you reach the peak, which is above the Pramanta refuge and is a demanding 3 hour walk. Through fir forest and alpine zone, you start at 1050m and reach up to 2112m. From the top you can see as far as the Amvrakikos gulf and the highest peaks of Pindos.

Altitude gradient: 1050m. – 2112m.

Trail time: 3 hrs to the top and 2.5 hrs back

Difficulty: Intermediate – Difficult.

 Crossing Stroggoula

The hike to the top is from the same route as before, but afterwards it follows the northern ridge, up to the rocky peak of Roka. Next it moves west and passing by Analipsi it ends up in Agnanta.

Trail time: 8 hrs

Melissourgoi – Rouista Kakarditsas

The trail begins from the village Melissourgoi and starts by going down to the base of Melissourgiotikos. Then it follows the old trail of the shepperds going up to the Cross and then following the ridge reaches the Rouista peak in Kakarditsa.

Trail time: 3.5 hrs

Hiking at Katafidi

The route starts at the village Katarraktis and reaches the tallest peak of Tzoumerka, Katafidi, up to 2.394m.

Trail time: 5 hrs

Crossing Agia Paraskeui of Agnanta

The trail starts above Agnanta, from the Katafigio settlement. It crosses a fir forest and ends up at the Agia Paraskeui peak and then continues south towards the waterfalls above the Katarraktis (which means waterfall) village.

Trail time: 2 hrs

Theodoriana Waterfalls

The route starts in the Theodoriana village and follows the old trail or forest road to a mountainous path which leads to the Theodoriana waterfalls, which have water all year round.

Trail time: 1.5 hrs

Prices for guides for the trails

For most of the trails it is not required to have a guide.

For easy – intermediate trails

for 2 people: 35 euro.

for 4 people: 40 euro plus 5 euro/person after 4.

For difficult trails

50 euro/person.(Discussable in case of more than 2 people)