4×4 agglika

4x4 Off-Road Safari

Breath-taking mountainous routes and routes through the forest with 4×4

Jeep Tours

1. The Round of Tzoumerka.

The route goes through the villages Pramanta,
Melissourgoi, Stavros of Melissourgoi, Theodoriana, Stavros of Theodoriana,
Voulgareli, Pater Kosmas, Katarraktis, Agnada, Ktistades, Pramanta. It has a total
length of 85-100km (depending on the route followed). It can be carried out from
July to October when the Melissourgoi-Theodoriana road is open.

2. The Crossing of Tzoumerka.

Beginning from Agia Faneromeni of Katarraktis, you
reach the mountain refugee and after you reach the top of Katafidi, you start to
descend east towards the village Theodoriana. Total route length: 30km.

3. The ascend of Kakarditsa.

The route starts from Kritharia, which is above Matsouki,
and heads south. The Kakarditsa range is east. Below the main peak of Kakarditsa,
you can follow an offshoot towards Matsouki only in the summer, or you can
continue to the top of Rouista.

4. The crossing of Peristeri.

The route starts from Sirrako heading north and it crosses
the mountains of Peristeri. It goes under the main peak of the mountain called
Tsoukarela, and finishes at Peristeri, near Metsovo. Total route length: 35km.