pezoporia agglika


The area has a big variety of trails with different sceneries, with different difficulties, durations and altitude gradients.

Anavasi – Pramanta

An amazing trail, starting from the hotel, through the pine forest, with springs and stone founts, ending to the biggest village in Tzoumerka, Pramanta.

Altitude gradient: 920m. -1100m. -840m.

Trail time: 2.5 hrs

Difficulty: Easy

Good for children and families.

Anavasi – Pramanta refuge – Waterfalls – Melissourgoi refuge – Katsantonis cave – Ag. Paraskeui

monastery – Anavasi

The trail is 90% through pine forest and 10% alpine zone. On the trail you can see an amazing plateau with beautiful view, the tallest waterfall in Greece, 350m tall, the Pramanta and Melissourgoi refuges, the Katsantonis cave and the historical Ag. Paraskeui monastery.

Altitude gradient: 1270m. -1370m. -1023m.

Trail time: 4.5 hrs

Difficulty: Easy

Kipina – Kouiasa

This trail without an altitude gradient is on the riverside of Kalarritikos river. An incredibly beautiful and easy trail where you find a stone bridge, a watermill, waterfalls and lakes, with the finale being the big lake of Kouiasa.

Altitude Gradient: 0

Trail time: 45΄

Difficulty: Easy

The stone villages trail

Starting at Sirrako, 1150m, a village full of tradition built with stones. We continue down to the Chrousias canyon and then go up to the Kalarrites village, 1120m, known for their silver craftsmanship, originating from the famous Bulgari and Nessi families. The village also has 23 small stone bridges. Then we walk down to the stone bridge of Kouiasa at the Kalarritikos river and see waterfalls and lakes.

Altitude gradient: 1150m. – 900m. – 1120m. 800m.

Trail time: 3 hrs

Difficulty: Easy

The monastery trail 

After seeing the byzantine Kipina Monastery built on steep rock on 1212, you follow a trail to the Viliza Monastery which is located between 2 rivers in an amazing spot. The trail is through dense vegetation.

Altitude gradient: 1000m. – 760m. – 1100m.

Trail time: 3 hrs

Difficulty: Intermediate

Melissourgoi refuge – Agathi spring – Melissourgoi

This is a beautiful and easy trail, where someone can see the bewitchment of the forest and the rivers. A forest with firwood, mistletoe and amazing mountain peaks.

Altitude gradient: 1023m. – 1230m. – 1000m.

Trail time: 3.5 hrs

Difficulty: Easy

Matsouki – Kallarytes – Syrrako:

The path, which is comfortable and recently reconstructed, starts from Matsouki and heads to the Monastery “Vyliza”. Then, descending the Grand Stream, it goes through dense deciduous forests. As it goes up, it reaches the asphalt road that leads to the village Kallarytes. It crosses the village and continues towards Syrrako.

Other options: Matsouki-Vyliza and back: 1 hour

Matsouki-Kallarytes: 2 hours

Kallarytes-Syrrako: 1.5 hours

Trail of Pritsialias

This is a trail near the river that starts from the monastery of Theotokos and reaches the church of Ag. Vasilios, with the amazing view of the Tzoumerka peaks and the Arachthos valley. Both the scenery and the trail are through the forest. The trail is easy and for all ages. The distance is 6km and takes about 2 hours. In the middle of the trail you can stop at the Plaka bridge, which used to be the biggest arched bridge in Greece before it broke down due to a flood.

Altitude gradient :250m.-200m.

Trail time: 2 hrs

Difficulty: Easy

Trail of Vidra

This trail is by the Arachthos river with a few exceptions. It is a beautiful trail that leads up to waterfalls. While you walk on the trail you also find beaches where you can swim. Vidra in Greek means Otter.

Altitude gradient: 250m.-200m.

Trail time: 3 hrs

Difficulty: Easy

Part of the trail is recommended, since the full trail is 7 hours long.

Prices for guides for the trails


For most of the trails it is not required to have a guide.

For easy – intermediate trails

For 2 people: 35 euro

For 4 people: 40 euro plus 5 euro/person after 4

For difficult trails

50 euro/person. (Discussable in case of more than 2 people)